Aubrey vs Lonnie

Seriously, who would win between a dude named Lonnie and a dude named Aubrey. One guy sings and the other one wears Cosby sweaters and kangols.


Personally, I despise Drake for the simple reason that he is a simp. One moment he claiming “he don’t love ’em”  and the next moment he’s in “Marvin’s Room.” The rumor is Marvin’s Room is actually dedicated to Serena Williams’ relationship with Common.  I ain’t mad at it and it wouldn’t be the first time two men fought over a woman

I think Lonnie is gonna win this one. First of all Canada has never been #1 in anything. Drizzy has too much estrogen and relies too much in “his team” to ever compare to Common. However, Common is the same dude that ended a diss track with a sample of the “Say My Name.”

Ultimately, it’s a lose/lose for Comm. If you fight someone beneath your class and beat him you gain no respect. But if Drake gets a few good licks in on Common this will look a lot like a Kobe/Chris Child stunner. My advice to Common is  just  to make a phone call to immigration and get Drake out of Miami and back in Toronto.


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