GPS (Ghetto Public Service) App

When I first read this article I wanted to believe that this app was not entirely consumed with racism, but slightly bigoted. However, it’s filled with prejudice and discrimination against the lower class. The app was made to reduce traffic into “economically challenged areas populated by individuals who generally travel by walking.”  The inventor of the app sought to seize accidental encounters into what some people describe as the ghetto. Although the ghetto may be seem as a place filled with gang violence, crime and drug usage, it is also a place with businesses that need to prosper. How can a community develop without the proper resources it needs? This app, if popularized, will ultimately result in less economic opportunities for these already struggling neighborhoods, perpetuating the cycle that is already prevalent within these impoverished area.

 The inventor of the app must be from Memphis

I can respect the idea of making a buck; however, I refuse to accept a capitalist idea established to (intentionally or) unintentionally cripple the working poor. To deter individuals from these neighborhoods is TO unapologetically ignore the living conditions within these communities. Each major religion advocates for the assistance of the down-trodden and ignoring these principles is truly blasphemous. Closing your eyes on the problem does not change the situation, nor does re-routing your GPS.


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