BlackSenseUS is dedicated to informing the African-American community about current events and public policy through blogs, articles, videos and political research. We seek to be the mirror to the Black culture, showing our beautiful aspects and tragic flaws, while enhancing political participation.

We seek to reach every each individual from “Waka Flocka” to “Herman Cain” “Angela Davis” to “Katt Stacks”. Hopefully transitioning the most politically unaware person to a more socially conscious citizen, what we at BlackSenseUS call the “Malcolm X Effect.”

The website is broken into several sections–one that informs, one that engages and one that entertains. We firmly believe in the saying “Small Minds Discuss People, Average Minds Discuss Events, and Great Minds Discuss Ideas.”

We are a non-partisan organization. We only seek for the thoughts and voices of the Black Diaspora to be represented on a legislative level. The information provided through our polling questions will be used to promote the welfare of our communities.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. this blog is dope! How can I get more information about BlackSenseUS? And thanks for adding us to the blogroll!

    • Thank man! I really appreciate it. This website is still in it’s startup phase and I haven’t yet begun to advertise. I’m a huge fan of the site. You and Dom keep up the good work! So what do you want to know about BlackSenseUS?

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