Q.      What is BlackSenseUS?
A.      A political research organization reaching the African-American
community through blogs, articles, and videos.

Q.      Will you abuse the emails and information of the users?
A.      It is the policy of BlackSenseUS that the information that will
be used in order to enhance the Black community. We will not violate
the trust of our users.

Q.      Does BlackSenseUS have the experience to conduct political research?
A.      BlackSenseUS has experience staffers who have worked on
several legislative matters at the House of Representatives, State
Capital, government lobbying agencies, and court systems. Each staffer
is a political scientist having been trained in one of the nation’s
most prestigious nonpartisan political institutes.

Q.      How can I become more politically active?
A.      Register to vote, learn the issues, and know your district/elected officials

Q.      Why is this website only catered to the African-Americans?
A.      Actually, it is not. We seek to enhance all of America through our
polls and research but we seek to serve an underrepresented group.

Q.      What is the ultimate goal of your organization?
A.      Our goal is to educate blacks on current events, make them comfortable
with the voting process, and help their needs be catered to by all
political parties. We prefer this instead of having one congressional
staffer, the few black elected officials, or “Jesse Jacksons” speaking for
all of us. Why would we do that when we can ask our own diverse
population what they think?


One Comment to “FAQs”

  1. I think blacksenseUS is a very good tool for blacks and others to be informed on many issues. Nephew I think you all are doing a great thing, keep going.

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