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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (as a Black Guy)


        I’m ready if an outbreak happens at the office

Zombies have grown in popularity in the last few years.  Movies like Resident Evil and Shaun of the Dead, video games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island, books like World War Z and Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, and shows like The Walking Dead have brought zombie fiction into the mainstream. Even Game of Thrones has zombies. Those of us who have obsessed over an imminent zombie apocalypse have been preparing to defend ourselves and our loved ones for years. My friends know what to do in case of an outbreak, and I can depend on them to stand their own on my Z-team. I spent half an hour in the ax section of Ace Hardware last week, just to test out durability and mobility.  I’ve gone to the range and practiced with my firearm of choice.

Those who have not obsessed over the zombie apocalypse have recently had it thrust upon them in the form some real life horror movie shit.

The news frenzy all started a week ago, when a naked guy attacked a man and literally ate most of his face off in Miami, Florida. When the police arrived, the attacker growled at them and continued to eat the victim until the police shot him four times (the first two shots had little affect).  The responding officer stated that this was not an isolated event and that there had been 4 similar cases in the area in which users of the drug mephedrone or “bath salts” exhibited a resistance to pain and incredibly violent and volatile behavior. A few days later, another user of bath salts had to be restrained with chains and a bite mask because he was allegedly slamming his head in police car windows and trying to bite cops. Then another Florida man, who wasn’t high on bath salts, bit his cat’s lips off.

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Suspended Metta Still Battling Inner Demons

It is awfully easy to make fun of Metta World Peace’s name now, to discard it as a joke after he threw an elbow at James Harden’s head.

How does this sound: David Stern suspended World Peace for seven games Tuesday.

Well, that’s what happened. World Peace got off easy, and could be back playing for the Los Angeles Lakers as early as a potential Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs.

“The concussion suffered by James Harden demonstrates the danger posed by violent acts of this kind, particularly when they are directed at the head area,” NBA commissioner Stern said in a statement Tuesday night. “We remain committed to taking necessary measures to protect the safety of NBA players, including the imposition of appropriate penalties for players with a history of on-court altercations.”

I hate to think that maybe Stern just didn’t want to punish one of his premiere, ratings-driving teams too much, especially as the playoffs begin.

Last week, the NHL knocked out its own notorious head-hunter for 25 games, which is exactly what World Peace should have gotten. Shots to the head in sports are just that important now. The difference, of course, is that the NHL has a problem with its culture. The NBA only has a problem with Ron Artest.

I am not buying the argument that Artest’s last three years of good behavior — including the name change to World Peace — were just an act. The old Artest was real. And the new World Peace was real, too.

When he threw that elbow at Harden during Sunday’s game against Oklahoma City, too many people saw that as an Aha! moment. The real Artest was coming out. Not the fake World Peace.

Is there some reason we have to make things so simple? World Peace/Artest. Good/Bad. Pretty/Ugly. Black/White. Up/Down. It so easy to think in either/or, and not to look at the complexities of a man who clearly has issues with faulty wiring.

The name change to World Peace was not just a PR stunt. It was a man trying to fix himself. No one can, or should, forget the Malice at the Palace, when he jumped into the stands, as Artest, in Detroit, punched a fan and helped to start a riot between players and paying customers.

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Coonin’ 4 Chicken

Stereotypically black people enjoy singing, eating chicken, and making ordering our food in a unique way, but did Burger King go to far? When I first saw this video I immediately thought of this scene from “Undercover Brother.”

Then again maybe I am over reacting but to but all of our stereotypes in on 30 second commercial may have a crippling effect on black culture. When we agree to shuck and jive for the Hollywood we set ourselves up in corporate America. People begin to believe the stereotypes to be factual for all African-Americans. Believe it or not all black people cannot sing (see Keyshia Cole: Live), not all black people eat chicken (see Russell Simmons), and not all African-Americans begin their orders with “Lemme get a ummm…”

Let’s do better and learn from this young lady.



Danielle N. Coley, host of “The Final Say” and featured blogger on BlackSenseUS, offers some insight on the future of her blog–and an explanation for her hiatus.



Seriously, who would win between a dude named Lonnie and a dude named Aubrey. One guy sings and the other one wears Cosby sweaters and kangols.


Personally, I despise Drake for the simple reason that he is a simp. One moment he claiming “he don’t love ’em”  and the next moment he’s in “Marvin’s Room.” The rumor is Marvin’s Room is actually dedicated to Serena Williams’ relationship with Common.  I ain’t mad at it and it wouldn’t be the first time two men fought over a woman

I think Lonnie is gonna win this one. First of all Canada has never been #1 in anything. Drizzy has too much estrogen and relies too much in “his team” to ever compare to Common. However, Common is the same dude that ended a diss track with a sample of the “Say My Name.”

Ultimately, it’s a lose/lose for Comm. If you fight someone beneath your class and beat him you gain no respect. But if Drake gets a few good licks in on Common this will look a lot like a Kobe/Chris Child stunner. My advice to Common is  just  to make a phone call to immigration and get Drake out of Miami and back in Toronto.


Welcome Baby Jayonce’ Illuminati Carter to the World!!!

On January 7, 2012, Queen Bey and Jay-Hova sauntered into Lenox Hill hospital and left with  this little alien child baby girl Blue Ivy Carter. This has been the consistent story from every major news source, but from here the story has differed. It is rumored that the power couple bought the entire fourth floor in honor of their favorite number. I, personally, believe that this child was made the old-fashion way, through misogyny, manipulation, and money…you know the good ole days. However, there is a rumor that there is a surrogate mother but no one seems to know the name or alias of this controversial young lady. Beyonce’ under the pseudonym Ingrid Jackson was said to have checked into Room 444, located in the Burn Unit, which causes us to question if the baby was badly injured en route to the hospital or just resembles her biological father. Read the post to learn more…

Da Roc Is In the Building!!!


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