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April 16, 2012

Coonin’ 4 Chicken

Stereotypically black people enjoy singing, eating chicken, and making ordering our food in a unique way. But did Burger King go to far? hen I originally saw this video I immediately thought of this scene from “Undercover Brother.”

Then again maybe I am over reacting but to view all of our stereotypes in on 30 second commercial may have a crippling effect on black culture. When we agree to shuck and jive for the Hollywood we negatively effect our perseption in corporate America. People begin to believe the stereotypes to be factual for all African-Americans. Believe it or not all black people cannot sing (see Keyshia Cole: Live), not all black people eat chicken (see Russell Simmons), and not all African-Americans begin their orders with “Lemme get a ummm…”

Let’s do better and learn from this young lady.